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Leaving the Nest

This course has been designed to enhance the transition from school to independent living.

Leaving the Nest refers to the notion of a young person moving out of the home provided by their parent or guardian. Such a move can be motivated by various factors, including going to university, a desire for independence, the discovery of a more viable location and/or practicality.

Some cultures view leaving the nest as one of the key milestones in the transition from teen-hood to becoming an adult, it has become a rite of passage. Whilst leaving the nest presents some exciting opportunities for both fledgling and carer, it can also be the cause of some anxiety for both too.

This course is designed to help smooth the transition for all involved, the content is the result of many years of research, experience and practical delivery of the subjects included. This is a unique opportunity for accelerated learning on the realities of living independently while having a lot of fun.

Delivered online, with a 1 hour long practical session at the end, we will cover a healthy mix of theory and practical work. Leaving the Nest will provide a unique insight into the realities of leaving home, the pitfalls and hazards to be avoided so that our students can go off and enjoy their independence.

So we look forward to delivering this course at your school, as parents ourselves we are fully committed to making sure that Leaving the Nest is a smooth a transition as possible.

There are 4 modules each with 5 units and this takes around 2 hours in total to complete. The course can be completed in bite size chunks or one big meal.

Once the digital course is completed you then sign up for 1 of the 1 hour practical training sessions for some really great self defence training.

Watch this video for a brief look at the Leaving the Nest online course.

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